Did You Get Your OnePlus One Android Phone Yet?

You Can Buy a OnePlus One Starting Next MonthIf you’ve a smartphone aficionado who’s been browsing the world wide interwebz lately, you’re aware that the OnePlus One is a fantastic Android (through CyanogenMod) phone with a fantastic price tag. But, like with many awesome things, the One Plus One is pretty darn near impossible to find one to buy. Why, because you needed an invitation (which ranged from impossible requirements to straight-up near-sexist marketing tactics; i.e. the “ladies-only selfie contest”) to buy a OnePlus One, but that is about to end, because THIS MONTH you’ll be able to just go ahead and buy one, if you’re quick enough.

OnePlus One Review: An Unbelievably Fantastic SmartphoneWhile that invite system isn’t 100% going away, there WILL be the good-old-fashioned “get in line & first come first serve” setup. Once that purchase system opens, OnePlus will periodically open purchase opportunities to all buyers, but the purchase times will be limited. It’ll go like this: the first ones in will get a phone, and all other people who buy AFTER the stock runs out during the open window will have their purchases converted to pre-orders (nice touch). MEANWHILE, those who pick up an invite WHILE waiting in pre-order can jump to the front of the line (also a nice touch).

OnePlus One Review: An Unbelievably Fantastic Smartphone

Still, at least it won’t be AS HARD to get a OnePlus One nowadays, but at least it’s a little less confusing.


[Thanks OnePlus]

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