Watch Nintendo’s Rise And Fall… As If They Were A Rock Band

As a delayed celebration of the release of ‘Super Smash Bros for 3DS,’ I wanted to share this nice little video for y’all.  We’re familiar with the various characters and franchises from Nintendo, but how about trying to picture Link as a European EDM legend? Or the dark story of Mario’s sex tape and drug addiction? Or Mega Man as a Sk8r Boi? Or Princess Peach’s pop music career. The concept of Rolling ‘Shell’ Magazine? No? Well, this video re-imagines the history of Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link, and more Nintendo characters as the story of a rock band’s fast rise and drug-fueled fall, and IT IS AWESOME! You’ll enjoy how clever it is, how spot-on the references are, and the awesome cameos. This video made my day.

In other words, picture the history of these Nintendo characters as your average episode of  VH1’s “Behind the Music” series.  Every actor in the video nail the look and feel of their characters, and it’s full of the many, countless Nintendo tropes, all spun and wound into a band story that still makes sense.  What’s even MORE AWESOME is that the video is by a band called Patent Pending, who have also released an entire EP of the music used in the video (it pretty good, too). One of the songs has more consecutive uses of the word “bro” than I’ve ever heard in a three-minute span that wasn’t a conversation between hardcore Madden or Call of Duty players; you know, the ‘gramer‘ crowd. Jokes, people…


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