Turn an Old Cassette Tape into an MP3 Player

Make an MP3 Player Out of an Old Cassette

One of the things I loved the most of watching “Guardians of the Galaxy” was Star-Lord’s use of his old-school Walkman (in name only), which brought back memories of carrying around my old Sony Walkman and jamming to the Boomerang soundtrack I own on cassette.  Of course, the times of the portable cassette player have passed, first by the portable compact disc (CD) player, then the MP3 player (yes, that INCLUDES the iPod).  Now, while your basic Mp3 player isn’t nearly as popular as they used to be a decade ago, Instructables (one of my absolute FAVORITE websites on the internet) user BrittLiv submitted the MP3 player-inside-of-a-cassette project, which is VERY MUCH cool enough that it would be worth making for retail. Seriously.

Picture of What you need

Here are the main components that are necessary for the build: an old cassette (DUH!), a cheap USB MP3 player (DOUBLE DUH!), a MicroSD card, and an assortment of various cheap materials (even some old-school headphones like the ones in the top picture of this post). This DIY project obviously involves taking the cassette apart, then stuffing a bunch of different components and materials into the cassette casing, then customizing and installing a set of buttons so you can control the player. In the end, you’ll have yourself a custom MP3 player that can play songs from that tiny, little MicroSD in a linear fashion, which is essentially JUST LIKE how old cassette players work.

Picture of Assemble everything
What a BEAUTIFUL mess…

[Thanks BrittLiv]

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