Mola Structural Kit; Go Learn Yourself About Structures

Image cortesy of Catarse

Let’s be honest: when it comes to buildings, architectural design alone won’t do; engineering IA A MUST. So, in order to successfully visually demonstrating the behavior of architectural structures, the Mola model will actually simulate real structures (or at least give you a better idea of how a building would work structurally).  The Mola allows users to assemble, visualize and experience the feel of the structures themselves. Brazilian architect Márcio Sequeira de Oliveira came up with the idea for this interactive model when he was overseeing a postgraduate course and was growing concerned with the abstract approach that was given to topics related to structure.

As a result, his Mola model now provides a way for students (or anyone for that matter) to study and teach themselves (and others) the structural behavior of varied architectural structures. After receiving a ton of positive feedback from individuals who had an opportunity to use the model, the project mentors launched the first Mola Structural Kit, which uses magnets to connect varying types of parts to allow for the creation of different structural models of varied situations and circumstances.

While the initial pilot issue of the kit was successful, being able to commercially launching the project requires huge monetary investments, mainly due to the tools necessary to manufacture the pieces. So, to bring Mola to a wider consumer base, the project team launched their campaign on Brazilian crowdfunding site Catarse. I highly suggest heading over to the team’s Catarse page to learn more about the story behind the Mola project and for additional information on how to get a kit for yourself (or someone you know)…

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