Nintendo’s Former Head of Digital Content & Development dishes on, well, Nintendo…

A couple of weeks ago on ‘Sup Holmes, Destructoid’s Jonathan Holmes conducted a near-two-hour interview with Dan Adelman, now the former head of digital content and development at Nintendo of America, who before that was the product planner at Microsoft and business development manager at Xbox.  As a longtime gamer, you’d you can see that Adelman has had some of the best jobs in the games industry, however he recently left all of that behind to create his own business and marketing consulting service company for independent game developers.

In the episode above, Holmes talked with Dan about the projects that he’s most proud of working on at both Nintendo and Microsoft, what it’s like to attend a board meeting at Nintendo, and how sometimes not being “important” to a large corporation gives you more freedom as supposed to being in the spotlight.  Adelman also discusses about the guy at Nintendo who labeled Xbox Live as “a failure” (go figure), why he left Microsoft and then why he left Nintendo, why he’s decided to consult with indie game developers, and much more. For the curious, ‘Sup Holmes is a weekly talk show “for people that make great videogames”, and it airs live every Sunday at 4pm EST on Youtube, and is available in audio-only (i.e. podcast) form on Libsyn and iTunes.

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