Get Yourself a Tiny, Transforming A-Frame House for $1,200!

One of the things that strikes me the most about the Tiny House Movement, is the affordability, a varied shapes and sizes they come in, the freedom, and basically how resourceful and resource-friendly most of the dwellings are.  Of course, while style and function make a tiny house standout, this adorable A-Frame house is a standout on its affordability, as well. Relax Shacks offers this A-frame for just $1,200, which includes a translucent polycarbonate roof attached with hinges and props up on stakes to expand the space from 80 square feet to 110.


This transforming A-frame — i.e., the ultimate napping retreat — was designed by Derek Diedricksen and built by Joe Everson of Tennessee Tiny Homes, a custom construction group.  Though it costs roughly $1,200 to put together, you can always add in some salvaged, free, or recycled materials,  Diedricksen states that “you could easily build this under $1,000.”

P5610127 copy.jpg

Visualize this: steps on either side lead into the main area of the house, and around the back is a rainwater collection system that hooks right in. In the interior, there’s enough room for two daybeds along with some pullout storage, a kitchen that includes a sink and a mini-fridge, and tiny loft with a tiny ventilation sunroof. The only thing missing is a shower — or basically a bathroom — so I hope you have a shovel, a bucket and/or consider parking close to a full-sized house. Just saying…

P5610136 copy.jpg

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