Who Says You Have to Wildy Move your Hand to Control your Smart Glasses?!

One of the obstacles preventing smart glasses from becoming mainstream is their awkward control methods. However, this shortcoming may change, thanks to Thalmic Labs, the company behind the $149 Myo muscle-sensing armband that will release this fall. With several enterprise partners involved in the endeavor, the startup has integrated its futuristic wearable with Google Glass, Epson Moverio and Recon Jet. Essentially, this allows users to quickly thumb through apps, contacts, documents, and more with subtle hand and finger gestures, rather than taping or rubbing a tiny trackpad.

Thalmic Labs is proud to introduce Myo + Smartglasses, the complete solution for your mobile workforce to stay connected on the job. The Myo armband eliminates the need for remote controls, touch pads, buttons, and voice control for workers in sterile or noisy work environments. This enables workers to stay hands free and heads up in the most demanding environments.

Recon, a leader in smartglass technology for sports and high intensity environments integrates a Heads-up Display (HUD) with a state-of-the-art micro-computer and sensor suite to provide performance information, navigation, and more, direct-to-eye. Recon’s HUDs run an operating system with an open web API and HUD SDK, enabling developers to create apps for a broad range of use cases. Integrating Jet with the Myo armband, the interaction experience is advanced, enhancing the user’s level of focus on activity and optimizing seamless user interaction with the HUD.


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