The Reconstruction of Building Ostrava-Svinov; SHOW ME THE DISTILLERY!

Here in Ostrava-Svinov, Peterkova (long story short, the Czech Republic) there’s this reconstruction of the former small portable building with changing rooms designed by authorial team PROJEKTSTUDIO (with David Kotek, David Pospiech operating as the Architects in Charge and Jan Müller as Engineer) is located in an area of the former Svinov distillery  – Ostrava’s national monument. The facade of the 3638 square foot house — that was completed last year — is made of composite panels in with a mirror-like chrome color treatment, reflecting images of the existing hundred-year old distillery. With this interesting take on “masking” results in the newly-designed object becoming invisible – sort of like stealth-cloaking mechanism.

The company headquartered in this renovated structure are in the transportation business, a face that David Kotek took advantage of in the architectural design of the reconstruction. In some way, you can spot the inspiration from the car industry not just in the building’s exterior cladding, but also in the round — some convex — windows. During the reconstruction process, the construction of the portable building and gable roof remained unaltered. The existing structure is now extended, thanks to the attachment of the new steel construction along the former southwest gable wall. The result of the construction fulfilled the requirements from the investor’s layout adjustments of the building’s interior spaces.



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