PractitioNERD ReNERDsance: take ‘A Look at US Homes’

shutterstock_66460345David J and the gang over at passed along this interesting article/graphic on American residential architecture from Massachusetts to New Mexico, taking a look into the melting pot of architectural styles that found their places in regions of the United States. Check out the entire article/graphic after the break!

The United States is home to a melting pot of architectural styles. Influenced by other countries, such as England and Mexico, domestic homes vary widely in appearance. Depending on the area, it is possible to admire grand Queen Anne estates, beautiful Craftsman homes or eclectic Spanish ranch homes. Consider your state’s architecture trends, your own personal preferences and your home’s style when renovating or remodeling.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the U.S., its picturesque architecture reflecting strong influences from the late 1800s. The Queen Anne style, in particular, is popular in the area. Queen Anne homes were the most common Victorian-era architecture in the United States, says The Boston Globe. This style’s grandeur is expressed through its gables, turrets, large porches, decorative shingles and elaborate wood decorations. The Queen Anne style also has bay windows that allow extra natural light into a home, explains Champion Home Exteriors. If you own a Queen Anne home, you can replace old windows with modern ones that have Comfort 365® glass and are ENERGY STAR® rated, without sacrificing the home’s authentic appearance.

Photo by Jo Naylor via Wikimedia Commons

Long Beach, California

Craftsman homes, or bungalows, are popular along the west coast. According to Windermere Real Estate, this style is inspired by the arts and crafts movement, which uses materials in its natural state. In other words, wood is purposely left unpainted, and rafters exposed. Bungalows have long, low-pitched roofs with wide eave overhangs and square columns, states Better Homes and Gardens. Owners of this home can maintain the authentic Craftsman style by repainting the exterior an earthy shade, using natural materials when remodeling and adding cottage-inspired details, suggests BHG.

Photo by W. R. Oswald via Wikimedia Commons

Miami, Florida

Art Deco was made popular by Hollywood movies in the 1930s. And, although Art Deco is more commonly used in commercial design, it has been used to create striking and unique residential homes.This style is heavily influenced by the tropical pastels of Miami Beach, says the DIY Network, it is common to see Art Deco homes in the area. You are the homeowner of an Art Deco house if the structure has a flat roof, smooth stucco walls with rounded corners and bold exterior decor. Keep this style alive by using unconventional materials in remodeling projects, such as neon, chrome, mirrors, and glass paneling, recommends Windermere.

Photo by Nick carson via Wikimedia Commons

Portland, Oregon

The minimalist home design in Portland is largely influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright. This famous architect stressed the use of organic design and natural elements in construction. This movement resulted in homes with large windows, open spaces and natural landscapes, explains Windermere Real Estate. If you own a contemporary-style house, remodel using energy-efficient and sustainable material and use similar decor indoors and outdoors to connect the interior with the exterior.

Photo of house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright by David Arpi via Wikimedia Commons

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Spanish Colonial Revival movement is apparent in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This architectural style combines Native American, Mexican, Italian and Spanish influences. These ranch style houses are typically built from adobe, concrete, stucco or brick and have rounded corners and arched doorways. Homes in this style usually have ornate roofs covered in terracotta tiles and white exterior walls. Remodel your Spanish home with Southwestern decor or by adding a sprawling front porch—a traditional feature of Spanish ranch style homes.

Photo by Binksternet via Wikimedia Commons

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