Twitch Plays Pokemon has beaten ALL the Pokemon Generations

Gamers, fans of gaming, and essentially humanity have completed something pretty awesome. A couple of  weeks ago, Twitch Plays Pokemon (TPP) completed Pokemon X, which means that the thousands of participants who entered a cluster of commands have completed and dominated EVERY generation of the main Pokemon series. Seriously, WHO NEEDS to create an artificial intelligence to achieve such greatness and cooperation (apparently Google does…)?

This fascinating six-month long social experiment involved thousands of Twitch viewers inputting various commands to control a single character, and now that the main series has been mastered, the gang behind the Twitch Plays Pokemon projects wish to continue the madness. At of this post, the TPP Twitch channel was still active, however now its audience members are battling each other in Pokemon Stadium 2 on the N64.

One has to wonder whether or not the Twitch Plays Pokemon experiment will return to the Hoenn region when the new Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire drops onto store shelves on November 21?  I suppose until then we’ll have to wait and see. Until that time arrives, let’s just take a step back and remember the good old days when our Pokemon madness all began with a boy by the name of “Red” with a  Charmander named ABBBBBBK. Praise Helix (just read this story chronicling the whole thing; it’s wonderful).

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