Navdy, the Voice/Motion-Activated In-Car Heads-Up Display

Navdy shows a text message alertEver since we’ve be able to take our cell phones and smartphones with us in our cars, we’ve seen companies create products to provide a true hands-free experience.  In some cases, smartphone-based heads-up displays for cars were also implemented, however they are typically one-way devices — they’ll feed the info to you, but you still have to reach for your phone to answer a message or get directions. That’s where the Navdy comes in, as it projects car stats, navigation, notifications, and you can interact with them via a series of gestures and built-in voice commands from Android and iOS.

It’s as simple as a swipe with your fingers to either respond to or dismiss any alert that comes in. Plus, since the Navdy system leans on the built-in voice commands from Android and iOS, you can tell Navdy to do anything from getting driving directions in Google Maps, to playing music from iTunes music.  The company is getting its device off the ground through crowdfunding through pre-orders, so should you be willing to commit within the first 30 days, you’ll only pay $299 for a Navdy unit rather than $499 — it’s projected retail price when it ships early next year. Backers of the project will also receive their Navdys before everyone else and will have input on the variety of apps Navdy supports. While the cost isn’t 100% ideal, this is nevertheless a very appealing product with quite a sophisticated hands-free system that won’t require you having to buy a brand new car.

[Thanks NAVDY]

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