The Conservative Conservatory by Lorenzo Alvarez Arquitectos

© Onnis Luque

This structure by Lorenzo Alvarez Arquitectos is a conservatory for plants and people, including a lookout onto the garden and the night sky while being sheltered from the elements. It serves as an extension to a rural retreat, providing space for a growing family with a living room and special space for growing and enjoying plants from other climates. The building is light and transparent, organized into five glass-panelled rooms, and finished with utility areas in two Stone volumes.

Placed in the middle of a landscape garden with five mature sequoias — the largest tree species in the world– this steel, glass and stone structure was built using a long, abandoned tennis court as its foundation. Since the court had essentially become an unused and empty space hidden by surrounding vegetation, it would later become a location for viewing the garden from the area.

The conservatory opens up the garden to provide an additional sense of  introspection, with the glass cabinet within the observatory gives opportunities for star gazing at night. The structure is partly inspired by English glasshouses in garden, as well as Charles Darwin´s greenhouse where he conducted his experiments, and by the saw-tooth roofs in functional buildings.  Well, you must admit that the local sequoias provide the needed privacy, so THANKS NATURE; you not so scary after all!


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