The Ultimate Arcade Machine…In a Raspberry Pi’ed Game Boy!

I’m telling you guys, I cannot get enough of these Raspberry Pi hacks! I’ve came across this hack project by DIYer and gamer John Hassl, in which he has given new life to the original, grey-bricked, green-lit monochromatic screened Game Boy, all thanks to the best little $35 microcomputer Raspberry Pi. This project features Hassl cramming the Pi into the case of an old-school Game Boy, and running retro game system emulator software on the Pi to give provide access to all your favorite classic game titles on the portable game system you and I know and love. Hassl even goes the extra step to hack on a few extra buttons around back of the case for use of playing games on some more modern system emulators.

Now, this do-it-yourself project requires a decent amount of technical know-how, the willingness to dirty-up your hands and your comfort of handling a soldering iron, however the project is fairly inexpensive (should you have a spare — likely non-working — Game Boy lying around) if you already own a decent kit of computer repair tools and hardware. Haasl has even added a new battery component — since there would be no room for one in the case after the installation of the Pi — to help the hacked gaming device remain a true portable system.

WP_20140716_011 1

WP_20140713_003 - Copy

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