Director Max Landis on Why Professional Wrestling is GREAT!

In this audio mash-up edited by Pedro F. Lopez, Jr. (@DroskyDEG) from the ‘American Wife’ and ‘Weird Adults w/ Little Esther’ podcasts, screenwriter Max Landis (‘Chronicle’, son of director John Landis) explains why he (and wrestling fans — like myself) love professional wrestling with WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler and help ‘Little’ Esther Povitsky understand that passion.

Landis calls pro wrestling “the last great commercial bastion of performance art” in the world, meaning that the “wrestling is fake” doesn’t apply and is an ignorant stance to take. Watching pro wrestling matches is essentially just like professional dancing performances, because the physical and choreographed moves performed in a match tell the story of the match, just like how the dancers are telling you a story through their physical and choreographed movements.  Also, just like dancers, wrestlers suffer from their craft; you have the usual wear-and-tear injuries, but the wrestlers are literally UNABLE to “fake” falling several feet on their backs, as that canvas is NOT a trampoline — it DOES hurt and I KNOW it does; I once trained to be a wrestler and took several bumps in the ring. It hurts.

Pro wrestling shows are also compared to The Muppet Show, because while the matches are the focus of the program (as are the skits in The Muppet Show), you see the chaos that occurs backstage that often-or-not affects the direction of the main show (much like on The Muppet Show). Along that note, they mention on how wrestling should NOT be watched like a sporting event like the NBA or UFC, but more like “Game of Thrones” and “Mad Men” because of the weird things that occur during a show, the huge surprises that take place, and 20-plus intertwining stories that take place, as each story is slowly advancing forward toward cliff-hangers to urge you to watch the next show later in the week or the following week.

This is probably one of the best arguments about why professional wrestling is so freaking awesome! And to the people who still use the “fake” argument:

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