Covers of Iraqi “Video Games” Will Make You Giggle!

IG 3Oh Iraq, what do you think you’re doing? If this is the work of some elaborate troll trying to make me laugh, you’ve done VERY well.

A huge shout-out to the crew at RocketNews24 for compiling this lovely roundup of Iraqi game bootleg cover art. Just take a look at Shadow of the Colossus; it has a guy and a horse in the actual game, but the cover shows the — WRONG guy and horse! I honestly cannot remember the Shadow of the Colossus / Dynasty Warriors 8 cross-over…

But it doesn’t end there. There’s the atrocious The Mark of Kri and Bloody Roar covers, then when you get to the true diamond of this collection (which is the knock-off The Matrix: Path of Neo), that’s when you’re REALLY gonna start laughing your butt off! As someone who both owns and had beaten the game multiple times, I don’t recall seeing neither a jungle NOR the antagonist sporting a tattoo from Fallout.

IG 2

Now, the concept of the same game with differing cover art has become less common with the increasing globalization of the gaming industry, but not so long ago, that was NOT the case. The reason was usually based on the nature of licensing contracts, in which it was likely more logical to commission a popular anime artist to draw the cover for the Japanese version of a game, however if that fan base in Japan differed in numbers and passion overseas, most of the time  it was decided by executives to hire a artist to draw new — and inexpensive — cover art rather than spend the coin to procure the rights to use the anime art for international release. But this? This has NOTHING to do with THAT!

IG 5


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