New World Record: ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Beaten In Under Five Minutes!

Man, I NEVER get tired of watching speedrun videos; watching someone just breeze through a game that probably took the rest of us peasant gamers hours, days, weeks months and sometimes YEARS to complete is often mind-boggling to me.  One that note, you’ve gotta check out this impressive Super Mario Bros. playthrough by a speedrunner known as “Blubbler,” as he beats the Nintendo Entertainment System classic in a bewildering 4 minutes and 57 seconds! DAAAAAAAAANG!

Previously, according to the SMB Leaderboards Wiki, the world record for an “any percentage” completion run in Super Mario Bros. was held by andrewg with a time of 4 minutes and 58 minutes. It just goes to say that all it takes is only ONE second to make all the difference in gaming speedruns…as well as finding a few tricks. Blubbler got fortunate with the  bullet bill glitch in World 8-2, allowing him to skip the walk to the castle. In case you’re curious, the timer begins when the in-game timer appears in World 1-1 and stops when Mario lands on the axe in World 8-4.

Super Mario Bros. box.png

If you want to check out more speedruns like this one, watch more videos at the Speed Demos Archive page on Super Mario Bros., detailing several techniques and strategies that are used in speedruns like this one.

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