TNA Polls Fans About Switching to Six-Sided Ring…AND DO IT.

Yeah-yeah, I know; this really won’t fix and.or repair that giant dent that IS Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling, but you admit that it’s, well, a THING…..that will ultimately result in nothing regarding turning the company’s fortune.

It has been talked about and reported for last few weeks that TNA has been kicking around the idea of bringing back the six-sided ring, and now they are ask their fans whether or not to go that direction. With that poll, it was announced that the company would listen to fans and permanently go forward with the voted ring, and as of this past Monday, TNA is going back to the 6-sided ring, much to the chagrin of the talent.

TNA extended the poll from its Twitter and Facebook account to their official website just a few days ahead of the Manhattan, N.Y. tapings at which it will use the selected ring. Dixie Carter has publicly stated that the six-sided ring had been doing very well in the polls, and now it seems that the company is almost ready to make a final decision with what ring it will use. Various online reported that Jeremy Borash announced at Friday’s “Impact Wrestling” tapings in Bethlehem, Pa. it was very likely the fans in attendance had witnessed the last TNA event with a traditional ring. That served as a very strong indication that TNA would be reverting back to its 6-sided non-traditional ring for the upcoming New York shows.

The six-sided ring had been a mainstay in TNA for years (mainly ever since 2004), but was then taken away at the “Genesis” pay-per-view in 2010 when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff arrived at the company and made this change. TNA star Austin Aries is one of the many stars in the TNA locker room who are unhappy with the notion, and he recently took to Twitter to complain about the potential move.

Oh TNA…..

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