House in Funabashi by Koji Hatano Architects

© Asako Yamazaki

This residential two-story home by Koji Hatano Architects in the Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture of Japan serves as the narrow main site entrance from the road, while the house’s back opens up wide. The home’s residential section is surrounded by a neighboring house as a three-way, however it only faces the beautiful greenery along the west side.

At 1,260 square feet, the first floor along the west side provides good views and serves as a great place for the dining room. If you retract the sliding door between the living room and dining room, the space becomes a continuous room toward the east of the garden from the west of the garden.

© Asako Yamazaki

The atrium and the top of the living area offers an opening of two layers, and then they are incorporated into the room. With the study positioned facing the atrium along the second floor, the architects placed a smaller room (likely a children’s room) and bedroom off to the side.

Along the second floor from the first floor, and through the atrium, study, bedroom, children’s room is, the space is continuous. No hallway exists, allowing each room to be easily viewed and accessible in the house. This design strategy helps capture the beautiful local greenery while inside anywhere in the house. Plus, since the planning of the house focuses on bringing the family together, it works extremely well in the downstairs living room area.

© Asako Yamazaki
© Asako Yamazaki
© Asako Yamazaki

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