This 54-Year-Old, Oft-Delayed Software Is FINALLY Out…

OpenXanadu in action.This story is proof that no matter what, how many, or how often roadblocks are placed in front of your progress, you’ve got to fight your way to the end.  When development started back in 1960, many people believed that Project Xanadu would change the world. Soon afterward, delays led to more delays, and so-on and so-forth, however, after 54 years in development, the world’s most delayed software went live. HOORAY!!!

The program is called OpenXanadu, described as “the original hypertext project”, which is a piece of software that is essentially a fancy mark up too. Had Xanadu been released on time, it’s VERY likely that the original world wide web would’ve been built on it instead of HTML. WOW. However, it was 54 years too late, but at least it’s a record-holder — as well as a pretty solid punchline in the history of technology. Xanadu’s developer Ted Nelson told The Guardian that “we screwed up in the 1980s, and missed our chance.”

Ted Nelson, American pioneer of information technology, philosopher and sociologist.

This makes me think about how often people complain about software and hardware getting delayed for only a few months to a couple of years. Mac OS X was first demonstrated under the code-name “Rhapsody” in 1997, but version 1 release come out until four years later. Windows Vista was originally planned to ship in 2003 as a minor release between Windows XP and the true follow-up would come out, but then THAT release date slipped by almost three years.

Even Xanadu arrived late to the party and missed its shot at relevance, OpenXanadu finally DID come out, and now we’re talking about it! This gives me the confidence that there’s hope for ‘ Half-Life 3’ to come out…

[Thanks The Guardian]


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