Architecture Turned Into Animated Art via GIFs

Mirador Building by MVRDV & Blanca-Lleo

Axel de Stampa has used his awesome series of architecture GIFs, Architecture Animée (Animated Architecture), which takes architecture from SANAA, Herzog and de Meuron, MAD Architects and turns them into amazing, zany GIFs. The idea behind this series of architecture GIFs is to showcase the buildings from different perceptions as though the visitor is standing still.  This allows the building to come alive and reveal additional evidence. Plus, just between you and me, animated GIFs in architecture was EXACTLY what the field needed. Seriously. Kind of. But it’s still very entertaining. According to de Stampa on the 1 Week 1 Project website:

Motion in Architecture is mainly associated to the 4th dimension: Time. Time, through the body, experiences the building.

New Museum by Sanaa
VitraHaus by Herzog & de Meuron
Emerson College Los Angeles by Morphosis
Theatre Agora by UNStudio
America’s Cup Building by David Chipperfield
Zollverein School by SANAA
Memory Museum by Estudio America
Absolute Towers by MAD

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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