‘EA Sports UFC’ Shows Grappling Women ‘Cause of ‘Them Fightin’ Words’…

A new video was recently released for the upcoming ‘EA Sports UFC‘, taking a look at a virtual match between Rhonda Rousey and Meisha Tate.  EA and EA Sports were definitely going for realism in their soon-to-be-released mixed martial arts fighting game, but these ‘EA Sports UFC‘ female fighters and their movements are all too real!  After playing the demo on PlayStation 4, there was a LOT to be desired (but that’s the point of a demo; release it, take notes, and improve the game before launch), but EA is not only making strides with the game due to this demo and a Reddit AMA, but they are making history for having the female fighters in a UFC video game for the first time! PROGRESS!

The above gameplay video highlights more of the game’s submission maneuvers, showcasing how players will need to play several mini-games in order to succeed or escape from submissions. Will anyone be able to counter Rousey’s armbar? So far, no one has.  The game is due for release on June 17th in the US and June 20th in Europe and related regions, and ‘EA Sports UFC‘ is exclusive to the new current-gen consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), allowing  the developers at EA Canada focus on that generation of hardware and squeeze as much visual detail out of these consoles as possible.

Prior ‘EA Sports UFC‘ videos shown how much attention to detail the team is paying to the creation of the fighters in the game, going to great lengths to realistically recreate every movement, muscle bulge and tattoo, and now can see the results of their labor.


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