Bosques Flats Is A Tiny, Tiny Apartment Project

This is the Bosques Flats by HGR Arquitectos (with lead architect Marcos Hagerman), and it is a six-unit housing project completed last year in Materiales de Guerra # 9, Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico City. The building has three floors for housing, one basement for parking, and is located on an almost 2152-square-foot rectangular site containing only a street front of 32 feet and 65 feet deep. The site is also on a big slope, so the designers used the low point for an entrance for parking with the high point reserved for pedestrian access, allowing them to give the façade a nice contrast on either side.

According to the lead architect, the biggest challenge surrounding the project was attempting to make the most of the existing site to have it to accommodate two 700+ square-foot apartment units per floor (one located in front, the other located behind it) while only having around 1,722 square feet of available surface on a 32 x 65 foot site. The apartment units along the front have a terrace with a wooden shutter system that provides more privacy to the bedrooms, and gives the façade diversity — typically depending on how each apartment tenant wants to use it. There are also penthouses that have double the high space (with a downstairs living room and an upstairs studio leading to a private roof garden) and an open view the surrounding landscape. The first step taken was designing a lateral patio to operate as both an access area to the building and a lightning/ventilation area. While in the patio area, patrons are able to access their apartments. The wooden-floor patio space also has a flight of stairs that connects every level of the building, and its floor also allows light to reach every level.

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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