LastPass is FREAKING AWESOME (and you should be using it)!

Our passwords need to be secure, complicated, while being easy-to-remember. However, with the number of services that we use that utilize passwords, it’s common that many people use the same password for each service and/or use “1234,” “abcd” or “password” as a password — which you SHOULD NEVER DO — and put ease of memory over security.  That’s why I stopped keeping a grid of multiple unique and complex passwords for each service and started using LassPass. LassPass is a freemium password management service that aims to resolve the password fatigue problem I mentioned earlier by centralizing user password management using the cloud through a web interface, browser plugins and apps and bookmarklets.

All passwords stored in a LastPass account are protected by a singular master password — the ONLY ONE you NEED to remember — and are encrypted locally and are synchronized to any other browser linked to that account. LastPass also features and supports randomized password generation — which I RECOMMEND using for all subsequent passwords — ,  an automated password entering feature, form filling (name, address, phone number, email address, etc.), site sharing, and site logging.  The service is free for PC/Mac/Linux desktop and laptop computers (with ANY of the web browsers that you use; though I recommend Chrome and Firefox), but if you want to carry that ease and security to your smartphone and tablet, you can use a trial the app for two weeks, after which it will require a LastPass Premium subscription that only costs $12 per YEAR; and yes, it’s well worth it.

Recently, the LastPass app for Android added an incredible feature that autofills your login and password information for you, both in Chrome mobile browser and in other Android apps.  Previously, the LastPass app only allowed you to view your passwords or use them inside the LastPass browser, but now it works more like it does on the desktop. When you launch an app or open a web site in the mobile Chrome browser, it’ll check if you have an account and autofill your information for you. If it doesn’t detect the app properly, you can help it associate the correct account with the app to help make the app better for others. These features work on Android 4.3 and above, though 4.1 and 4.2 (and iOS/Blackberry/Windows Phone) users can get the option to copy their password, which at least makes things a little faster than before.

[Thanks LastPass & LastPass Blog]

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