Harry “David Hart” Smith: Pro Wrestling Superhero

Former WWE Superstar Stops A Thief In Amsterdam, WWE Stock Up Again Today

Watching professional wrestling is like watching your favorite superheroes go head-to-head with supervillains, as most matches follow the good versus evil archetype that captures the eyes and minds of the viewers, as does reading your favorite comic book series of watching a scripted television show or movie. When we see the evil in the world, we want to see those heroes, those protectors, those enforcers to stand up and combat evil. Sometimes, in the case of Harry “David Hart” Smith, the hero is a second-generation professional wrestler from the Smith and Hart wrestling families…


Former WWE — and current New Japan Pro Wrestling — star Harry “David Hart” Smith choked out a thief while in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. Smith saw a man stealing a woman’s purse and while three security guards on patrol were having some difficulty with the man, Smith jumped in, took the thief down and put him in a chokehold.  What’s ironic — and, well, kinda awesome — is that the man actually started tapping out, however (since this was not a sanctioned match) Smith kept the choke on him for a while before allowing security to take him away. Witnesses to the incident stated that the suspect went from being ultra-aggressive to calm very quickly. As you would when a large man slaps a chokehold on you.

I wonder if the Justice League or the Avengers have an opening…


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