LEGO® Architecture’s Newest Edition: BIG’s Unbuilt LEGO® House

Well, I bet you guys were JUST WAITING for another LEGO®-related story on the site; HERE YOU GO!! LEGO® recently released their newest, limited-edition architecture set: BIG’s unbuilt LEGO® House. Planned for completion in 2016, this minimal, white block “experience center” will commemorate the history and future of the toy company and is the first unbuilt project offered as part of the ‘LEGO Architecture’ series. Right now the set is only available for purchase in LEGO®’s hometown of Billund (or right here on eBay). This set provides an idea of  how the building might be constructed as the process begins.  YAY!  It still blows my mind that this thing WILL be constructed, and is a REAL architecture project that is currently REALLY under construction! DOUBLE YAY!

In mid-2013, the design for BIG’s highly anticipated LEGO® House project (remember, the “experience center”) had been released! The 81,806 square-foot building itself is to be located in Billund, Denmark, the birth/home town of The Lego Group, and it essentially resembles “gigantic LEGO® bricks” that are “combined and stacked in a creative way to create an imaginative experience both outside and inside.”  The 94.4 foot-tall structure will even feature many exterior and multi-level access points that will remain open year-long to its estimated 250,000 annual visitors. The building will also have roof-top gardens and 20,451 square-foot public square, a series of exhibition areas, a cafe and an unique LEGO® store.

Construction of the building began in early 2014 and the LEGO® House will be inaugurated in 2016. It’s being built in collaboration between KIRKBI A/S, the LEGO® Foundation and the LEGO® Group, however the LEGO® Group will be handling the daily operations of the LEGO® House upon completion.



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