The House in Fukai, with ‘Push-Pull’ Spaces…

It’s almost like it was crafted by hand.  Or like it was shifted around like a tower of Jenga blocks. Some spaces are pushed in, some are pushed out, and since the building is short, no one can call out “Jenga!” Which is the most fun thing in the game; other than the tower actually falling….

Anyway, this house in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture of Japan is designed by Horibe Associates (under architect Naoko Horibe) and was completed in 2013.  This 900 square-foot house was built for a younger generation of homeowners in a multigenerational household. The house’s living room opens onto a rear deck that is enclosed by wing walls and a sunshade. Since the interior space was extended toward the backyard, a tubular (in the verbal sense, not exclamatory) space was created, becoming a relaxation spot for the residents to get away from the hustle and bustle (which I think is a word) of the surrounding neighborhood.

I very much like the use of the basic shingled gable roof with an exterior scored white mortar wall finish — which harmonizes well with the main house’s exterior — which includes a half-hipped roof.  The home’s design achieves a great, working balance of new and old in its interior and exterior, and the architect promised that this structure will “contribute to the history-rich urban environment that surrounds it.”


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