A Hut on the Corridor…In Your House…Yup.

You know, it has been quite a while since I pinned that “building-inside-another-building” architecture picture on The PractitioNERD’s Pinterest page, so it was a pleasure to come accross this project.  The “Hut on the Corner” — real name unknown — by Tsubasa Iwahashi Architects involved the renovation of a common area of a single floor of the rental office building.  The firm expanded a certain part of an existing narrow corridor and created a small wooden hut that suggests a change in manner based on landscape, material, and visual aesthetics.

In a way that differs from the common communication that differentiates between public and private areas, this centrally located hut of wood creates new value and connections and ideas.  In this case — in respect to the project — the corridor is regarded as the external space that contains the natural lighting and planting located near the hut.  The wooden hut does have access to the external light through a window facing out and then allows the sunlight into each private area. Along with the space experiencing traffic from a number of people over the course of a day, there are opportunities that give glimpses through the window of a private room, similar to that of viewing a street landscape of a city from the inside of a building.  At the end of the day, the addition of the hut within the corridor turned that same corridor into the new external environment, rather than just the outdoor, natural environment.



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