Documentary ‘She Got Game’ Focuses on Strengths of Women in the Gaming World

There are three thing I hate hearing about gamers from people who don’t play video games, because THEY know what they’re talking about, right? Anyway, here they are
1) Video games are made just for little kids.
2) The only people who play video games have no job, no drive, and no lives.
3) Girls don’t know anything/don’t play/are unable to play video game. Yes. I have actually heard that one. MORE than once.

Let’s go back to that third generalization for a bit. Now, one of the criticisms thrown at feminism –in terms of overall and in the gaming world — is that the concept focuses too much on what someone can’t or shouldn’t do, rather than what they can and should do. While I see feminism (as much as a male can, anyway) as more in the light of the latter than the former, however I can see why many other people have negative connotations toward feminism. I especially see that negativity toward feminism in gaming — and unfortunately, who hasn’t?  I’m thankful for this She Got Game documentary series project from Cailleah Scott-Grimes, which is currently on Kickstarter, as it takes a look at the varied positive things about women involved in the world of video games in multiple areas, ranging from female game developers, writers, bloggers, organizations (like Dames making Games), professional gamers, and more.  The series aims to also look at the things going well for women in gaming, as well as how these thing can be expanded to address other problems that they face.



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