Does ANYONE Remember the ”wXo”?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?…

Well, that’s what I’M here for! Back in early 2000, I remember watching an exuberant amount of Pro wrestling on TV, and while my focus was on WWF, WCW & ECW, I paid attention to smaller promotions on subjugated television. One promotion was the WXO — stylized as “wXo” — a start-up promotion created by Ted DiBiase that focused on old-school wrestling with a “modern twist”. However, while they managed to syndicate their show nationally, they weren’t able to secure the funding for more than one taping and 3 weeks of shows. Yup, it lasted THAT quick.

The wXo, which stood for, well, nothing (it was never explained), debuted during the weekend of January 15-16, 2000, which was the SAME weekend of the Billy Kidman’s Triple Threat Theater series and Chris Benoit becoming WCW Champion at Souled Out…ugh… Anyway, wXo Announcer Chris Cruise (joined by Stan Lane on color commentary) boldly declared “It’s the best of the new, the best of the old, and it’s FINALLY gonna be professional wrestling that you’re not embarrassed to sit and watch with your children, as we said, a new year, a new era, a new millennium in professional wrestling – it’s wXo!”

I remember the three shows that made it to air being out-of-sorts, strange, awkward, and just, just…*facepalm* Anyway, wXo featured a roster of wrestling talent who were regulars on WCW Saturday Night and independent wrestlers based out of the Midwest and Florida. Now, the wXo show wasn’t THAT as it was very strange at times. However the parts that WERE bad were just really bad. You had polar opposites operating as a tag team, a job wrestler named Al Green who impersonated Taz and was the main rival to Dan “The Beast” Severn, a Kevin Nash parody gimmick named “Scott Nash”, the use of footage with terrible audio/video quality, awful promos of Sid Vicious/Scott Steiner proportions, interviewers with little-to-zero on-camera experience, laughable “investigative” reporting, and ended with an unresolved cliffhanger. For the love of God, who attacked Stan Lane?!?! WHO ATTACKED STAN LANE?!?!?!

…and WHAT IS JOHNNY (Laurinaitis) ACE talking about?!?

Oh well, almost a decade-and-a-half later and still no resolution, because, well, the promotion only lasted three episodes.

wXo, we barely knew ye…

[Thanks  of Cageside Seats]

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