This Demake Of Legend Of Zelda Reminds Me of ‘Adventure’..

…but a little more detailed…kinda-sorta.  A little bit. OK then, not THAT much…

Just from being a little visually daunting at first sight, the iconic phrase from the classic game “it’s dangerous to go alone” may have never rang SO true before.  Right now, you can go play Ben Purdy’s The Legend Of Zelda De-make, deconstructed and reduced to its bare component concepts! Similar to the NES original, you play as the main protagonist named Link –represented by a green square — and your mission is to kill the antagonist named Ganon — likely represented as a dark block). During the course of the game, you’ll equip a sword (which is a brown block) and fight a variety of monsters and other enemies, like Octoroks to Moblins (represented by multiple blinking colors).

Ben Purdy created this project for a Hackathon, and personally it’s my favorite square-on-square action I’ve played since the original ‘Adventure’ on the Atari 2600 (so yeah, those types of games are not that common nowadays; NOT counting free indie games of recent memory…).  Unfortunately, I can not confirm that the ENTIRE GAME is here, as that theory starts breaking down as soon as you find the inventory, but the concept is there and it’s quite the noble effort, regardless.

Writes Purdy:

The thrilling adventure we all know and love, re-imagined at just 16×16 pixels. How can so much awesome fit into such a tiny viewport??Can you collect all eight fragments of the Triforce without getting killed?Written in the breaks between a weekend of working in the garden due to unseasonably warm weather.

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