‘Mother/Earthbound’ Fan Compiles All Three Games for Wii

The classic Super Nintendo game EarthBound (titled Mother 2 in Japan) holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers.  The problem with being said-fan of the game is that despite the clamor for it, Nintendo has never OFFICIALLY released Mother — often regarded as Earthbound Zero, due its cancelled plans to be released locally for the North American NES system –or Mother 3 on the Game Boy Advance outside of Japan — even though a faction of die-hard fans translated the ENTIRETY of Mother 3 from Japanese to English THEMSELVES and released it as a ROM hack in 2008 that I personally may-or-may-not have played…

Huge fan of the Mother series Marcel Oliveira compiled all three English ROMs of the games and put them into a single file for modded Wiis. As a little bonus, Oliveira added a user interface that mimics an EarthBound battle sequence (see below), which allows players to choose which of the three titles to play by selecting to “attack” it. To be serious though, the act of emulating any unreleased Mother title has typically walked in a bit of a moral and legal grey area, so obviously, if you download these ROMs and modify your Wii to play them, remember the legal and/or financial hazards in doing so.


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