Carrier-Free SIM Cards Are HERE…in Holland.

Photo: Shutterstock / Albert Lozano

The country of Holland has quite the experience when it comes to tolerating things that other countries deem illegal (**wink-wink**).  However, this tiny nation has recently approved something other than that thing that could be used for medicinal reasons. Holland passed a measure that ratified the use of blank SIM cards untied to a specific (or ANY) wireless carrier, allowing the ability for users to make whatever tweaks possible for them to use any wireless network that is best for them.

Source: Flickr / mroach

Here’s what really cool about this: since you’re NOT  tied to an single carrier, you can switch between providers when your needs and preferences change — allowing you to evade roaming charges whenever you’re out and about. This move also boosts “internet of things” makers, meaning that any person can their connect devices to ANY cellular network WITHOUT signing some long, expensive deal and/or contract. Plus, the longer-term implication is that smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung could always bulk-buy voice and data services in order to cut the middle man out.

“While some carriers might be opposed to that concept, the mobile industry overall would benefit. In the internet of things, there is a lot of resistance to connecting gadgets and appliances to the cellular network because doing so would require device makers to lock into a carrier. But a programmable SIM card would alleviate that burden, making cellular connectivity much more attractive. Of course, we’re still a long way from this kind of carrier-agnostic networking become a reality. The Netherlands has eased its rules, and the GSM Association is behind the concept, but the network-less SIM is still illegal in almost every country in the world.”

~European economist and policy analyst Rudolfvan der Berg said.

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