WWE: Wrestler Conversations During Matches

Part of the process of putting on a match in professional wrestling is to communicate with the other wrestler(s) you’re working with.  That form of communication can be non-verbal (as in acting-reacting based on the flow of the match and on what feels right) and the more-common verbal communication (discussing what the next series of moves, spots, and even breaks during the course of a match). While a match is going on, stage directions and signals for the complex, choreographed maneuvers are flying between the performers, the referee, ringside officials and ringside managers. Occasionally you can spot the wrestlers talking to each other, planning the next series of moves. When it’s time for the match to end, the ref will tell one of the wrestlers to “bring it home.” If you listen carefully, you can hear the wrestlers calling spots and talking to the fans. You can’t really blame them; it’s part of the show, and it’s also pretty funny.

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