Microview Shrinks Arduino Into A Tiny, Little OLED Module

Are you like myself and you desperately want a itsy-bitsy, tiny, little Arduino board with an OLED display? Just some of you? Well, that’s ok, ’cause I know other technophiles like myself want one! This is Microview’s new “chip-sized” Arduino, currently on Kickstarter, that costs $45. You may ask yourself  ‘what can it do,’ and the answer would be ‘ALL KINDS OF STUFF’! Basically, you’ll get a micro controller, a lot of inputs so you can drive the display via software, and you’ll be allowed to build awesome little projects using various sensors, motors, I/O devices, and much more.

The Microview can be programmed and powered with a variety of multiple sources, even though the team behind it, Geek Ammo (who are the same team that shipped the Ninja Blocks project in 2012; you KNOW these guys are GOOOOD), offer a little serial-to-USB programmer for only an extra $10. Based on the team, testers, and theory based on looking at what’s available, the Microview could work wonders for projects like wearable tech, creating tiny AI brains for robots, and even sensor systems. You can even use the device as a small ambient data display for your vehicle, your computers, and various other tools. The great news is that they’ve already gone way, WAY past their initial Kickstarter goal and they’ll be shipping these things in August! YAY!!

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