It’s Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers’ NES-Reimagining by ‘Owlboy’ Artist

One on the crown jewels in my NES game collection is Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers, 1/3 of the Disney-Capcom NES “Holy Trinity” (including DuckTales and Darkwing Duck).  It’s  one of my favorite retro games, as it contains a host of secrets, alternate/optional paths, tight controls, and its near-infinitely re-playability value due to the game’s speed and two player option. While the game had only one sequel that came at the twilight of the NES’ life-cycle (like DuckTales, which was also recently remade), the fervor over the game series never really caught on past retro gaming enthusiasts.

What you are seeing is the work of Simon Andersen, the creator and developer of Owlboy, who recently posted his custom rendition of what a new Rescue Rangers game (read: remake/remaster) could look like if he were working on the game. Just look at it, its beautiful, and I’m also loving the concept of having Gadget playable in the “game”. Now, if ONLY we could get both Disney and Capcom to sign off on it and make this game happen, I’d love to see it. Besides, we DID get DuckTales; why not Rescue Rangers?

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