It’s NOT the New World Order; it’s the PARODIES!

On July 7, 1996, the New World Order of Wrestling (nWo) was formed at WCW Bash at the Beach when face superstar Hulk Hogan turned villain to join Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form one of the most well-known factions in wrestling history. While the idea stemmed from an angle in New Japan Pro Wrestling, the idea took of in America, but would grow old with a revolving door of new members and rival groups formed. At the end of the day, the New World Order was a great idea that was overused and dragged on too long and too large. Here are my four favorite (favorite?) spinoffs/parodies of the New World Order (I refuse to count the Wolfpac or Hollywood/Black & White), some were formed as jokes, however if it wasn’t for the original group of Hogan, Hall, and Nash, none of them would have ever existed.

1) nWo 2000
Let’s just forget that THIS was a THING. Sure, it had Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, and even added Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett, but as soon as Hart suffered a career-ending concussion and the revolving door or members returned, that was curtains for the five-month new version of the famed faction. See ya’; wouldn’t wanna be ya’.

2) One Warrior Nation
Coined by Warrior — or Ultimate Warrior — upon signing with WCW, the oWn, or One Warrior Nation, was formed to go after Hulk Hogan. However, Warrior wrestled only three (THREE) matches in WCW, so this is probably the first time you’ve heard of it. No worries, though; it’s TRULY THAT forgettable.

3) Latino World Order
Now THIS I can get behind! During the height of the nWo era in WCW, Eddie Guerrero called out and wrangled Latino members of the promotion’s roster to form the lWo, or Latino World Order. This faction was much more well-received with the fans at the time who were starting to tire of the nWo. As mentioned earlier, it essentially consisted of all the Latino WCW wrestlers — well, except Chavo Guerrero; poor guy — and it’s not looked at as a parody as it had a pretty positive reputation.

4) Blue World Order
Whenever you want a good laugh, THIS is something you can get behind. The Blue World Order is long-considered to be one of the funniest parodies in the history of professional wrestling. The group consisted of ECW stars “Big Stevie Cool” (Stevie Richards), “Hollywood Nova” (Super Nova, also known in the WWE as Simon Dean) and “Da Blue Guy” (The Blue Meanie). It was hilarious back in the day and it’s STILL funny today whenever they form up again (which they STILL do nowadays).

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