Clickdrive, The Single On-Board Device To Rule Every Driving App

Clickdrive drives (see what I did there) to be the first open platform gadget to connect all driving apps and aftermarket monitors together as ONE. The deivce is a little black box that plugs into an adapter under your steering wheel, and it allows you run several apps at the same time from either your smartphone, on the device itself, or by using Clickdrive’s cloud platform. It’s currently compatible with almost every cars on the road today, so within minutes you’ll be set-up to download driving apps to help make your car smarter than it already is.

Founders Mark Sutheran and Rishi Saraswat say they built Clickdrive with the same engineering principles they applied to low-latency, high-performance trading systems, and expect initial adopters to be car and tech enthusiasts, as well as people who wish to reduce their car’s carbon emissions. The suite of apps that Clickdrive uses include Breakdownassist (which notifies  friends and family and automatically get help if your car breaks down or you have an accident), Clicktrack (which monitors your family’s cars from anywhere), Carprotect (monitoring any maintenance issues with your car), Blackbox (the secure drive data recorder), and Fuelsaver (matches your driving style to your car’s fuel efficiency profile and saves you money). Clickdrive’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign started in early 2014 as they aim to raise $50,000 in funding to start production, but the campaign ended on March 15, and likely needs to be extended.

So...What Do You Think?

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