PBS Game/Show asks ‘Are Angry Fanboys Bad for Games?’

Short answer: YES! DEAR GOD, YES!!! But that’s just me…

PBS’ Game/Show is an online program on YouTube produced by PBS Digital Studios, where the show looks at the relationship between videogames and modern life, and talks about all the things that gamers typically think about.  In this episode, host Jamin Warren ponders on whether or not our feelings of anger and disapproval toward video games we don’t like (for either genuine or less-than-so reasons; likely the latter because the internet is a thing) are hurting the industry.

In this episode, Warren explains just how negative attitudes toward game creators and developers have propagated thanks to the internet (Mass Effect 3’s ending, anyone?), and uses the departure of many high-level industry personalities as evidence that there are serious issues in the lines of communication between creators and consumers. Warren states that “we should support our favorite creators for how they create, not always for what they create,” and that “it’s important that we give game designers the exact same latitude.” It’s true that we get angry, frustrated or disappointed with our favorite games every now and then (because, well, we’re human), but we need to ask ourselves whether or not we’re expressing ourselves properly. We need to realize that respectful constructive criticism and childish, whiny “lynch-mob-style” complaining are two completely different tactics.

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