Watch The Trailer to The First Movie Filmed for Oculus Rift!

Remember when practically ALL OF THE HYPE surrounding the Oculus Rift was about implementing it with virtual reality video games? Well, while that’s still a thing (as shown with many test gaming applications), there have been strides of virtual reality video…like cinema…that you watch…WITHOUT the bother of gaming at all. While it’s still unclear HOW films will be made for the Oculus VR hardware, there now exists an interactive trailer from Condition One (where a friend of The PractitioNERD, Chris Wheeler, is employed as the Chief Technology Officer; I asked him about the Oculus Rift hardware HERE and HERE) that provides the first real preview of what could be achieved with the virtual reality headsets.

Condition One is a startup company in the Bay Area dedicated to making films for Oculus Rift, and this trailer is for their first Oculus project, Zero Point. The film, directed by Academy Award-nominee Danfung Dennis (Condition One’s Founder/CEO), is essentially a collection of profiles of virtual reality pioneers, however it’s an interesting and clear step toward what real three-dimensional, 360-degree filmmaking could become. Dennis says that it’s no longer a question of whether this advancement will happen, just a matter of when, as he also stated:

“when it does emerge, it will be a major platform shift in computing with the potential to fundamentally transform entertainment and communication. With Zero Point, we wanted to showcase the profound importance of virtual reality by placing viewers in unique scenarios that they otherwise might not find themselves in.”

In an Oculus Rift set-up, a patron “moves” within and around the virtual space by actually turning their head and/or moving by the use of a game controller or mouse. If you want to check out a simplified version of the experience, click here (and make sure WebGL is enabled), and if you want to change your point-of-view, all you have to do is click and drag using your mouse. Should you wish to see more of that same view from space, just hold down and slide on your trackpad.  Zero Point will be available to the owners of Oculus Rift developer kits later this year.

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