This Prefab Portable Home is Nicer Than Your Prefab Portable Home…

These prefabricated houses made at northern Spain’s CNC (computer numerical control) mill factory are called “ÁPH80,” and are designed by architect Camino Alonso, the co-owner of architectural firm Ábaton. The prefab homes are compact 29.5 by 9.84 feet units that can be carried inside a truck and deployed to the final (read temporary) site wtithin 20 minutes. The houses themselves are made of CNC-milled grey cement-board panels that are then locked together, providing a “sleek exterior” while still featuring a ventilated façade.  The layers contained on the exterior come with 10 centimeters of insulation to make the prefab home thermally efficient—which is useful for those who wish to be “off the grid” — so even without an air conditioning unit on a very hot Madrid day, the home’s interior stays relatively cool.

Apparently, these houses are so easy to create and install in any environmental terrain with minimum preparation needed, PLUS they come fully plumbed and wired.

Ábaton provides instructions and sketches so any crane operator can put the home in place. The home arrive fully plumbed and wired. Their prototype home is the “apartment” with kitchen/living room, bathroom (with full shower) and bedroom (bed included), but they offer other models for those looking interested in simply placing an extra bedroom in their backyard (they offer several combinations e.g. a bedroom/bathroom, 2 bedrooms, livingroom/kitchen, bedroom/living room).


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