This Tub Has a Built-in Sink, Speakers, & Digital Controls. Awesome, Lazy, or Dangerous?

Let’s just get this out there: having your bathtub not be at the exact same location as your bathroom sink is a configuration for SUCKERS! Nah, not really, but the curvy Symbiosis bathtub from Desnahemisfera aims to possibly reduce the number of bathroom fixtures you need to scrub and rinse when it’s time to clean up. Clean up. Everybody, everywhere….. Anyway, I personally hope that the sink doesn’t directly drain into the tub just to conserve water usage—because you shouldn’t bathe yourself in toothpaste and mouthwash-backwash; it’s disgusting. *NOTE: It DOESN’T do that.

Symbiosis celebrates the harmony of a bath and washbasin; merging the two common bathroom fixtures into a form adaptable to the human body. All plumbing installations are concealed from the human eye in the dual bottom, bringing to the fore the design purity of the object itself.All of those plumbing pipes are hidden away inside the tub, but the tub isn’t only about aesthetics. It also features an electronically controlled water pressure and temperature system, adjustable at the push of a button or two. Plus, a set of built-in speakers allow you relax to the sounds of music from your mobile device while taking soaking and relaxing during a warm bath. Shockingly (/sarcasm), the people behind this invention are mum on the final price, so if your bathroom renovation has a budget, forget about getting one just yet. In the meantime, looking into just installing a free-standing tub near your standard sink. DIY, indeed.

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