David Arquette & the WCW Championship

The horror. The horror…

Okay. Picture actor David Arquette in your mind. Now, based on that, imagine the athletic prowess of David Arquette. Okay, NOW do you remember that movie “Ready To Rumble” — which I admit is not good, but watchable — with him and Scott Caan? Okay, good. NOW, imagine David Arquette as a champion. In professional wrestling. In World Championship Wrestling. Yes, in mid-2000, actor and non-wrestler David Arquette defeated Jeff Jarrett and was the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Yeah, that happened. Arquette took a brief foray into pro wrestling in early-2000, and his resulting world title “reign” angle has been cited by prominent professional wrestling writers and critics as a pivotal point leading to the degradation of that title and the demise of the World Championship Wrestling promotion.

Now, my rage is not focused on Arquette, it’s more focused on WCW and then-head writer Vince Russo. According to the book “The Death of WCW“,  Arquette was against becoming the WCW Champion because he knew that fans (like himself) would hate the idea of a non-wrestler winning the title. However, Russo insisted that the angle would be good for the company and publicity, so Arquette reluctantly agreed. Arquette would later donate all of the money he made during his WCW tenure to the families of Owen Hart (who died in a tragic accident), Brian Pillman (who died due to an undiagnosed heart condition), and Darren Drozdov (who became paralyzed after an in-ring accident).

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