OC Remix launches ‘OverClocked Records’, a New Music Label

Question time: how many of you have heard about OverClocked ReMix, or OC Remix? Essentially it’s an awesome website that you can go to when you’re in need (well, WANT) to get some high-quality and excellent videogame remix music. I’ve been listening to music from there since 2006, so I’m very happy to inform you (in case you missed it) the launch of OverClocked Records, a brand new game music community music label.

OverClocked Records offers a variety of both videogame soundtracks and original albums by composers and musicians in the OCRemix community, and this is a great opportunity for old and new fans to show their support for the OC ReMixers.  Plus, all of the artists get 80 percent of sales, while the other 20 percent goes towards supporting OC ReMix. YAY!! As of this launch, artists like Joshua Morse, Disasterpeace, Jeff Ball, Big Giant Circles, Jordan Steven (bLiNd), halc, and Beatdrop are all of the acts represented by the OC Records label, and more artists are coming. OC Records has even more up their sleeves, as they are planning to add additional buying/tipping features, as well as podcasts and radio shows sometime in the future.

Oh, and so you can get I nice little taste of what OC Remix and OC Records is all about, here’s the FREE OverClocked Records sampler album. DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW!!

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