‘The Guardian’ uses Bluetooth Low Energy Tech To Keep Kids Safe

Even if you’re the most attentive, vigilant parents, small children are like magicians as they have the uncanny ability to slip away and disappear unnoticed. A startup in Taiwan, BeLuvv, has created The Guardian, which is a small wearable device — paired with a smartphone app via bluetooth — used to track your child’s movements and prevent any disappearing acts. The Guardian device sets a perimeter for each child, including a network of “co-guardians” — such as parents and a wider group of family and friends — in case a child goes missing. If so, then an emergency notification can be sent out to everyone who has downloaded the app.

BeLuvv hopes that The Guardian can stand out, mainly by using bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology, having the advantage of being smaller, lighter and being able to consume much less power than traditional GPS devices. BeLuvv CEO Johnny Fong stated that The Guardian’s tracker battery can last from four months to am entire year, compared to most other GPS trackers that last only about 24 hours. The device’s $29.95 retail price also makes it quite less expensive than most GPS trackers. BeLuvv says that they will continue to focus on creating wearable device technology that takes advantage of the hardware manufacturing capabilities and prowess  in Taiwan. The next product in The Guardian series of gadgets is a tracker for cats and dogs that uses the similar combination of BLE technology and smartphone apps.

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