Love Your Car? Like To Tinker? Build Your Own GPS Car Tracking System!

The science and technology of global positioning systems, i.e. the GPS. We are able to use GPS in our phones in order to track them in case they’re ever lost or stolen, so why shouldn’t we use them for a larger and oft-necessary piece of technology; like our cars? While you definitely could go out and purchase a LoJack or OnStar system, you COULD just try out this DIY solution using only an Arduino Uno, a GPS module, and a GSM shield that would send you text messages and updates as the car is on the move without your knowledge.

Instructables user Javis Vineer Gonsalves — like most of us — loves his car, and just in case it ever went missing, he wanted a way to tell authorities exactly where it was, so he took the time to create this system himself. If you have some experience with electronics projects, then this project isn’t terribly difficult to do, but when it’s all done you’ll end up with a low-cost GPS tracking system that DOES NOT require a pricey subscription of any kind to a third-party tracking and/or security company. Gonsalves’ system also has the benefit of being able to show you where you parked, just in case you ever forget, and you don’t need to download, install or even set up an app or install anything like that. Plus, it’s cheaper than just throwing away a good cellphone. Plus-Plus, this device can be easily adapted to track anything else your heart desires!


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