How Jerry Lynn Became ‘The New F’N Show”

Jeremy “Jerry” Lynn is an American former American professional wrestler –whom retired in late-March of 2013–  and is noted by wrestling fans and renowned sports journalists as “one of the most underrated workers of the last quarter century“.  Most known for his stint at Extreme Championship Wrestling that showcased his hard-work ethic, excellent match psychology, and technical in-ring skills (don’t forget his awesome Cradle Piledriver finishing maneuver), Lynn was also known for his nickname while employed at ECW and stuck with his entire career since 1999, ‘The New F’N Show.” But how exactly did he get that name?

Lynn was booked in a title match for the ECW World Television Championship with champion Rob Van Dam at ‘ECW Living Dangerously’ in 1999. The match finished with Lynn winning the title from Van Dam as the time limit expired and Lynn was awarded the title by referee decision in the absence of by pinfall or submission. Though he won, Lynn asked for a five-minute time extension to the match, which resulted in him getting pinned by Van Dam after a Five-Star Frog splash. Even though Lynn lost the match, he went on to refer to himself as “The New F’N Show”, mocking — or taking inspiration from — Van Dam’s nickname, “The Whole F’N Show”, as well as claiming he would be the guy to take the ECW World Television Championship from Van Dam. Although Lynn received several more title opportunities with Van Dam in the future, he was unsuccessful in winning the World Television Title before Van Dam was forced to forfeit the title after suffering a legitimate broken ankle.


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