My Two Favorite “Piper’s Pit” Moments

In 1984, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was given his own unscripted interview segment called Piper’s Pit, in which he talked to other WWF superstars, however those talks would often result in brawls between Piper and whoever his guest was during the segment. According to Piper, the main purpose and use of the Piper’s Pit segments was to help Piper create and/or maintain feuds with other wrestlers, retain heat with fans, and heal some nagging injuries. From my own memories, Piper’s Pit had some memorable moments that were notable for their comedy, brutality, shock, and changed the course of the careers of the WWF superstars who were guests.

1) Jimmy Snuka

Piper had an interview with Jimmy Snuka. Piper started insulting Snuka’s Polynesian heritage by bringing out pineapples, bananas, and dropping coconuts onto the table; this was to make Snuka “feel at home” in an act of “remorse” after Snuka was not given much time to speak the previous times he was on Piper’s Pit. Snuka took offense to this and Piper then attacked Snuka by smashing him over the head with a coconut and shoving a banana in his face. He followed this up by whipping Snuka with his belt. Snuka was legitimately knocked woozy allowing Piper to leave before Snuka, now seriously enraged, could fight back. This incident led to a long feud between the two.

2) Andre Challenges Hogan–OMM

After Hulk Hogan was presented a trophy for being the WWF Champion for three consecutive years, André the Giant, a good friend, came out to congratulate him. Shortly afterward, André was presented a slightly smaller trophy for being “undefeated in the WWF for 15 years.” While Hogan came out to congratulate him, André walked out in the midst of Hogan’s speech. Later, on an edition of Piper’s Pit, Hogan was confronted by Bobby Heenan, who announced that André was his new protégé, and Andre challenged Hogan to a title match at WrestleMania III. At first reluctant, Piper asked Hogan would he accept André’s challenge at WrestleMania, to which Hogan emphatically said “YESSSSSSSSSS!!!”

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