The History Of The WWF, In Form of a Detailed, Cubist Poster

Graphic designer Scott Modrzynski spent the last two years creating a cubist, minimalist chart of the history of the World Wrestling Federation (including the years of the World Wide Wrestling Federation and the current incarnation, World Wrestling Entertainment), a portion of which you see above.  The poster captures the title reigns of the World, Intercontinental, Tag Team, European, and Lightweight titles, and the winners of the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring (BRING IT BACK!), and various popular talents whose gold belt dreams eluded them.

Modrzynski’s 40” x 42” poster is a near-complete and comprehensive chronology of every superstar who stepped into the squared-circle in WWWF/WWF/WWE history, ranging from “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers’s inaugural championship run in 1963 through Chris Jericho’s title unification in 2001, in which Jericho became the WWF’s first undisputed champion (and a new undisputed champion will be crowned again after the John Cena/Randy Orton match at WWE TLC 2013 this month; maybe they’ll use the old 2002 Undisputed Belt). That’s over 1,000 cubist figures total — excluding jobbers; it’s ok, they’re not REALLY people, anyways… — with the inclusion of 22 blank figures to represent occasions where the title was held up or declared vacant.

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