A Beautiful Building for Blind Scottish War Vets

The Scottish War Blinded was founded in Edinburgh in 1915 in order to offer care for Scotland’s sailors, soldiers and airmen and women who were blinded during their service of their country.  The New Linburn Centre facility is located on a site at Linburn, West Lothian and it replaces the charity’s 1950’s-era facility which occupied an nearby site. The organization of the interior and exterior spaces are simple as possible so that the users can easily form a mental image of the building, allowing for straightforward navigation.

Page Park Architects designed for the Scottish War Blinded with a curved spine layout with a wide, sweeping hallway that is simple to picture in the mind of the patron. Any of the guests can grab the railing and use that same mental map to traverse from one end of the building to the other. The building is all single-level with an undulating zinc roof and has low-profile door thresholds, thus lessening the chance of a visitor tripping and falling. Blind veterans in Scotland now have a new place to congregate, hang-out and not worry about hurting themselves. Even the paint on the building is specially selected – it’s a high-contrast mixture that assists those with limited vision see doorways and rooms. Along with its accessibility features, the facility is designed for fun; it has a workshop, an art room, and a gym. Outside the building, the landscape contains a sensory garden and a terraced lawn. It’s practically everything a blind person could wish for!

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