Just How Do You Sleep In Space?

Let’s take a moment to remember how awesome CSA astronaut Chris Hadfield is.  Think about it: while you and I sink our bodies into our soft pillows and mattresses,  there are few people in space who go nighty-night using fairly different method; which involves strapping themselves into an oversized zero-g space pouch. According to the above video and Hadfield, it’s better than it sounds. Plus, after already showing us how crying in space works, this is very interesting.

It kinda looks like this…

As Chris Hadfield explains the details, you can’t help but feel that it would be weird to trade in the traditional bed for a Velcro sleep-coffin, but you must admit that the whole resting-in-totally-relaxed-anti-gravity does seem to look pretty relaxing.  He said that all he needs to do is put on your favorite pair of “space jammies” before heading to his individual “sleep pod” that has a securely-fastened sleeping bag tied to the wall — with NO pillow needed due to the whole zero-gravity thing. Maybe someday us normal folks will get a chance to try it out. Well, at least the people who can afford Virgin Galactic tickets can look forward to it…

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